MicroSort is a compact and scalable sorting system designed to efficiently and organizedly sort orders, optimizing the entire process from reception to customer shipment. Developed to efficiently handle a high volume of orders with accuracy and speed, it’s a valuable asset for logistics-focused e-commerce centers that aim to improve their operational efficiency. Its compact design makes integrating into existing logistics systems easy, and the scalable nature of the solution means it can grow alongside the business.

How does MicroSorter work

The MicroSorter is an automatic sorter unit which can handle a wide range of products and Postal & Parcel packages. The MicroSorter is modular can have several destination types, cartons, totes, chutes, bags, roll container and pallet boxes. Combining MicroSorter modules can create higher number of destinations and throughput.

What’s all possible?

Clothing/ Leather goods




Small Packages

Office supplies

Medicines/ drugstore items

What else? Let’s put it to the test!

Benefits of MicroSorter

Complete Delivery

With MicroSorter, you are guaranteed a complete and integrated solution for all your sorting needs. Upon delivery, everything you need is included, from the necessary hardware and controls to software and standard interfaces with WCS and WMS.

Low investment

With a surprisingly affordable investment, you can take your existing logistics systems to the next level. Let us help you improve your logistics processes and contact us today.

Reliable industrial technology

MicroSorter is designed with industrial-grade components and features simple mechanical solutions. This makes MicroSorter a straightforward, sturdy, and dependable machine.

Wide applicable

MicroSorter is versatile because the sorting system is designed to handle a wide range of products. This means that the system is capable of processing a diverse assortment of products efficiently.

Diverse branches

MicroSorter is a universal system that can be applied in various sectors and industries thanks to its flexibility with regards to specific products. Sectors where MicroSorter is used include e-commerce, logistics, and distribution.

Multiple variations

There are several options available for sorting products to various Qua destinations, including crates, boxes, conveyor belts, chutes, or bags.


The number of destinations can easily be expanded by adding extra units. This means that MicroSorter can grow with your company.


Thanks to its compact dimensions of 4x2m, MicroSorter is easy to install and move.


Expanding MicroSort with our Easy Fulfill sorting solutions enables sorting of products with differing dimensions. Additionally, automatic crate swapping is now possible.


30 to 48 destinations per MicroSorter unit, depending on the width of the destination:

200mm = 48 destinations
300mm = 40 destinations
400mm = 30 destinations


Capacity per MicroSorter 600 – 1,000 items per hour. Each MicroSorter unit can handle up to 200 orders/shipments per hour. Connecting multiple MicroSorter units can enable up to 1,000 orders/shipments per hour!


MicroSorter offers a wide range of product variations and dimensions. The product dimensions range from 50 x 50 x 10 mm to 375 x 575 x 120 mm.

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