E-commerce fulfillment solutions


MicroSorterl is a compact and scalable sorting system designed to efficiently and organizedly sort orders, optimizing the entire process from receipt to customer shipment. The MicroSort is designed to process high volumes of orders efficiently, accurately, and quickly, making it a valuable asset for logistics e-commerce centers looking to improve their operational efficiency. The compact design makes integration into existing logistics systems easy, and the solution’s scalable nature means it can grow with the business.

Easy-fulfill is een vorm van handmatig pakketten sorteren

Easy Fulfill is a manual sorting solution that simplifies the fulfillment process. As the name suggests, it optimizes your logistics sorting system significantly compared to traditional methods. The flexible setup makes it easy to upgrade to an automatic processing sorting system in the future, such as our Speed Filing+ solution. With a relatively low investment required, every business can optimize the logistics processes from order receipt to shipment.