Easy Fulfill is a manual sorting solution that, as the name suggests, simplifies the fulfillment process. It is a proven technology that has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for years under the name Easy Filling. Easy Fulfill significantly optimizes your logistical sorting system compared to the traditional method. Its flexible setup also makes it easy to upgrade to an automated sorting system in the future, such as our Speed Filling+ sorting solution. The relatively low investment required now makes it possible for any business to optimize the logistical processes from order receipt to shipment.

Easy-fulfill is een vorm van handmatig pakketten sorteren

What’s all possible?

Clothing/ Leather goods




Small Packages

Office supplies

Medicines/ drugstore items

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With Easy Fulfill, you can easily process batches of products instead of individual orders. By simply scanning a product, Easy Fulfill automatically locates the corresponding order and highlights a location in blue where the product should be placed. With an impressive input speed of 300 to 400 products per hour, Easy Fulfill ensures fast and efficient processing of your logistical process.

Batch picking

Using EASY FULFILL, your company can easily implement batch picking, allowing you to pick multiple orders at once, rather than one order at a time. This leads to a significant improvement in the efficiency and speed of the order picking process.

Barcode scanning

Once the required products are gathered, the user takes each product one by one from the collected items and scans the barcode of each product. As an additional benefit, this method also serves as an immediate check to ensure that the correct inventory of products has been gathered.

Put to light

The product is placed at a location where the location is highlighted in blue. Once a control sensor has verified that the product has been placed in the correct location, the lighting is turned off. Since each collection location is equipped with a lamp, it is possible for multiple people to pack simultaneously.



Once an order is complete, the lighting at the corresponding collection location turns green. Using the wireless scanner, the barcode of the respective collection location is scanned. The contents of the compartment can now be removed and packed.

Advantages of EASY FULFILL


Easy Fulfill provides a comprehensive and seamless solution for your sorting needs. Upon delivery, you will receive everything you need, including hardware, control elements, software, and necessary interfaces.

Multiple users

Multiple users can work simultaneously on each cabinet. One user scans and distributes the products to various locations, while one or more users at the rear pack the orders.

Save costs

Easy Fulfill does not require significant investments, making the system profitable even with a daily order volume of 100 units. This makes Easy Fulfill ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking to optimize their logistical processes without substantial expenditures.


Easy Fulfill is versatile as the sorting system is designed to handle a wide variety of products. This means that the system is capable of efficiently sorting and processing a broad range of products.


With Easy Fulfill, you have a universal sorting system that can be used in various sectors and industries, regardless of the type of product. Easy Fulfill is currently employed in various sectors, including e-commerce and logistics.


Each Easy Fulfill unit has a capacity of 300 – 400 items per hour, allowing for up to 140 orders/shipments per hour per Easy Fulfill unit. The standard compartment size is either 300x400x250 or 600x400x250. However, numerous other customization options are available in addition to these standard dimensions.

RF technology

The standard included RF functionality prevents unnecessary back-and-forth movement between collection locations and workstations during packaging, making the packaging process more efficient and less tiring.

Simple and reliable

asy Fulfill is constructed using industrial-grade components, and it has no mechanical parts, eliminating wear and tear. This makes Easy Fulfill a simple and reliable solution.



With Easy Fulfill, you have the freedom to expand and configure the locations, compartments, and cabinets without limitations. You can determine the capacity based on your needs and gradually adapt to the growth of your business.

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